China Program Research Intern, World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world’s leading conservation organization, seeks a research intern for the China Program under Markets. 


The China Program of WWF-US facilitates and coordinates the collaboration with WWF-China at the programmatic and operational levels; designs and supports the initiatives that aim to help China improve its environmental performance in its growing international trade and overseas investment; and serves as a bridge that helps match China’s domestic environmental needs with international experience and best practices and deploy resources accordingly.

As an important part of the Markets Core Team, the China Program’s programmatic focus revolves around the strategic priorities of Markets, i.e. improving the sustainability of major agricultural commodities throughout their supply chains (from production to consumption). Particularly relevant is how China, with its growing economic power, can become a force for good through policies changes, better corporate practices, and more informed consumption choices. Informed by this strategic guidance, the China Program has identified the following programmatic opportunities.

  • Assess the feasibility of China importing more meat versus soy beans to ease the pressure on soy production in the Amazon region
  • Explore and promote EGS/EGA opportunities on existing bilateral and regional platforms, such as FOCAC and APEC
  • Reduce GHGs and air pollution through a co-control approach in China
  • Promote best practice sharing of sustainable investment and trade under APEC
  • Facilitate intellectual exchanges and policy discussions around environmental and social risk management of China’s overseas investment through workshops with universities
  • Leverage China’s domestic policy opportunities, such as legislation/regulations governing China’s overseas investment, reduction of illegal products in trade, smart pricing to reduce GHGs, and biodiversity institutional reform

The intern will in general support the planning, design, and implementation of the project activities outlined above. In return, this internship will provide a great opportunity for the intern to gain a good understanding of some of the most cutting-edge issues and trends in the area of the environmental dimension of trade and investment, as well as to interact with important actors (both organizations and individuals) in this field.


Major Responsibilities

  • Conduct literature review on the status quo and future trends of meat production (with a focus on pork, beef, poultry, and lamb) in China and South America;
  • Collect data and analysis on the trade of meat products between China and South America (particularly Brazil);
  • Conduct literature review on the environmental impact of meat production in China and South America;
  • Develop a synthesis report summarizing the findings and data from the research above;
  • Present the findings at an internal workshop at WWF-US;
  • Conduct research and gather information as required by each project;
  • Provide other programmatic support as appropriate. 


Minimum Requirements

  • Graduate level education – MBA, MS, MA, etc. preferred;
  • Excellent language skills, particularly in writing, in both English and Chinese;
  • Excellent research skills;
  • Good project management skills and communications skills;
  • Knowledge of the environmental issues related to China’s overseas investment and international trade obligatory;
  • Skills in Microsoft Office Suite obligatory, and skills in graphic design and desktop publishing (e.g. Adobe InDesign) preferred;
  • Attention to details.
  • minimum 20 hours per week.

Location: Washington, DC

Compensation: Paid

How to apply: Please submit a resume & cover letter through our Careers page. , IN-15046

* Please note that WWF does not provide VISA sponsorship to interns