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Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street which reaches 156 million children across more than 150 countries. The Workshop’s mission is to use the educational power of media to help children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Delivered through a variety of platforms, including television programs, digital experiences, books and community engagement, its research-based programs are tailored to the needs of the communities and countries they serve. For more information, visit us at


Sesame Workshop is producing an interactive comprehensive Mandarin language learning series for 2-7 year olds. We are looking for an amazing Production/Content Assistant to join our small team in developing exciting and innovative educational content.

We are a passionate team committed to making Mandarin language learning fun and effective for kids. In this interactive offering, we are placing great emphasis on interactive games and animations that will help reinforce language concepts and inspire kids to learn on any platform that is available to them.

We are seeking a dedicated, hard-working Production/Content Assistant with an interest in multi-media production, early childhood, and/or language education.  Tasks may include planning and generating educational content, such as lesson plans, activities, games or scripts, translation of content and general communications, entering and managing data, as well as some administrative tasks.

Successful candidates should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Educational Technology or related field; Master’s degree preferred.  Candidates should demonstrate keen attention to detail, collaborative attitude, and passion for the mission of the organization.  Ideal candidates will have a native level of fluency in English and be fluent in written and spoken Mandarin Chinese, and have classroom experience, preferably in an international or multi-lingual setting. 

Tentative start date for the position will be in early Fall 2015.  If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter. Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to notify unsuccessful candidates.  


New York, NY

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